If you have the talent, the opportunities will find you. However, knowing how to take those opportunities from idea to reality isn’t easy. Additionally, without a great advocate on your side, it can also be difficult to determine if an opportunity is the real deal or too good to be true. Reynolds Law are business attorneys with experience representing top talent in a wide variety of industries, and we can do the same for you.

While we work alongside talent agents in many situations, we are often the best and only advocates for our clients. Our rates are reasonable, and based only on the amount of work we do for you. In other words, we aren’t taking 10% of everything YOU earned just for being on your team.

You’ve worked hard to create opportunities for yourself, don’t waste time stressing over legal issues. Our team will handle all that so you just have to worry about perfecting your craft and doing what you love to do. We’ve helped numerous individuals with a wide variety of talent representation tasks and issues – contact with your specific needs to see how we can help.

The talent industry insiders are notorious for making deals that only benefit them – let the business attorneys at Reynolds Law protect your interests and level the playing field.

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